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Residential Trips

Year 5

In Year 5 pupils have an opportunity to experience a three-day Winter Explorers residential at Bowles Rocks, Tunbridge Wells. This program includes climbing/scrambling, skiing and kayaking in a heated swimming pool - all sports we struggle to offer in our normal school environment. During the evening, teachers run sessions including a disco, film evening and a talent show.  Meals are home cooked and hearty and children and staff also get a well deserved hot chocolate at the end of the day. Children stay in dorms in chalet-style buildings with our staff on hand close by.

Although the weather is colder this time of year, all these sessions are highly active so the groups stay warm. The centre has fluffy caving suits and full water proofs to keep people warm. You can find out more about this provider and the Bowles centre here https://bowles.rocks/schools-and-colleges/winter-explorer/

Year 6

As children adapt to the challenges brought about by SATS and Secondary school preparation, an off-site outdoor adventure can be an outdoor education opportunity to build on the skills they need to help them thrive and excel as they move forward to the next stage of their education. We believe it is also the perfect way to celebrate and simply have fun with their peers before going their separate ways in Year 7.

We have chosen for our pupils in previous years to experience two nights under canvas in a tented village of bell tents in which children will had real beds - yes, real bunk beds! We have partnered with Wildchild Adventures who offer this experience through their site in Hertfordshire. You can find out more about Wildchild Adventures here https://www.wildchildadventure.com/school-residential-trip-locations/

This adventure programme was been chosen with our key learning objectives in mind. Activities are designed to:

  • Develop team-building skills
  • Forge stronger relationships with peers
  • Build independence and encourage perseverence
  • Give pupils the opportunity to challenge themselves and try something new
  • Build resilience and determination
  • Encourage cooperation and communication
  • Fit in with school topics to enhance classroom learning
  • Provide a few days of fun and enjoyment as a reward for pupils’ hard work at school, and a celebration of their time at Primary School

We are currently reviewing this provision in light of the current strain on family budgets and are looking to provide a similar experience closer to home in order to reduce the cost of transport.