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Art and Design and Technology

Through the teaching of Art and Design Technology, children foster their sense of creativity and develop their imagination. Art and Design Technology provide visual, tactile and sensory experiences, enabling children to communicate what they see, feel and think, with different media, materials and processes. In addition, Design Technology encourages children to become creative problem solvers, both as individuals and as part of a team.  The children learn to take risks and make decisions to develop their own artistic style. They will explore ideas and styles through the study of a range of different artists and designers. By displaying and celebrating the children’s work, they become involved in shaping their school environment.

Holland Junior School uses the IPC curriculum to deliver the Art and Design Technology. Art and Design Technology is taught through cross-curricular half termly topics to support planning of a broad and balanced curriculum as well as through discrete teaching which focuses more on teaching key skills.

The learning journey through the topic starts with an ‘Entry Point’, which is followed by a development of skills and knowledge from a range of curriculum areas. Learning is applied through an ‘Exit Point’ at the end of each topic where children can demonstrate and apply their knowledge and skills. Following the IPC curriculum ensures that we are providing good coverage across the subject and that children are building on their skills as they progress through the school.

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