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Day 1

The children have had a great start to their residential.  All  the children threw themselves into the activities and have conquered their fears. First challenge of the day was to make their own beds, including putting on their duvet covers. One comment was ' This is so hard! My mum has to do this to three beds'. 

Movie and hot chocolate before bed to end the day.

It has been lovely to see  children developing their independence and supporting and encouraging each other.

The children are all looking forward to day 2.

Day 2

Day 2 has ended with a group of exhausted but happy children. They have all excelled at attempting all challenges  given to them.

The skills they have gained during this residential will impact them for years to come. The activities have unleashed the potential the children never knew they had. Just a warning to parents that skiing may be on your list of holidays. 

An earlier night for them all and they are all looking forward to seeing parents. They missed you!

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