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At Holland Junior School we understand the importance of the Creative Arts. All children have a weekly music lesson with a specialist music teacher. They experience a wide and varied music curriculum with opportunities to learn the ukulele and recorder as well as playing percussion instruments and plenty of singing. Through listening and playing the children experience a wide variety of high quality music from history through to modern day as well as a plethora of musical styles and genres from across the globe from Samba (South America) to Miam drumming from Ghana.

We offer children regular performance opportunities as this is a huge part of learning to be a musician and to give real purpose to their learning. Children take part in concerts at Harvest time, Christmas and Easter as well as an end of year concert to showcase their learning.

It is important that children have the opportunity to further their love of music should they wish to and therefore we offer an extra-curricular choir club to the whole school with plenty of performance opportunities. Children also have the opportunity to join ‘Rocksteady’. Rocksteady are an external provider that give children the opportunity to learn to play keyboard, guitar, bass and singing and they then play together in a band each week.

We are proud of the musical opportunities that we offer children here at Holland and fostering enjoyment and love of music is at the heart of our music curriculum.

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