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  • Morning drop off is between 8.30 and and 8.50am. Registers close at 9.00am.
  • School finishes at 3.30pm for all pupils.
  • Please stay safe and well. 


Rocksteady Music School are an outside agency who provide weekly rock band music lessons for children at Holland Junior School. There are four main instruments played (guitar, drums, keyboard  - all provided by Rocksteady - and voice) and up to 9 children in each band. The children get to name their band and to select the songs they learn to perform. Each term, the bands will learn a new song, working towards an end of term concert for both parents and the school. Rocksteady concerts are thoroughly enjoyed by our parents and are a highlight in the school's termly calendar. 

"My child can come to school and learn to be a rock star too! How amazing is that?"     Parent, Year 4

Through Rocksteady band lessons our pupils can learn musical skills alongside building teamwork, resilience and communication skills. Children are drawn to music by the likes of Beyonce, Ed Sheeran, Katy Perry and the music they hear around them. That’s where Rockteady's inspirational, skilled band leaders come in; teaching our pupils to sing and play the songs they want to perform. So persuasion is not needed, just enthusiasm harnessed in the right direction. Music can put other achievements on a different scale too. The teamwork, listening and social skills required to master songs significantly increase memory, numeracy and confidence.

At Holland Junior School we aim to give our pupils a variety of ways in which to develop their skills and talents - Rocksteady is just one of these ways.

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