GSO Test

  • Morning drop off is between 8.30 and and 8.50am. Registers close at 9.00am.
  • Pick up time for all pupils is 3.30pm.
  • Please stay safe and well.   

Mental Wellbeing

We often assume our children aren't really aware of what is happening in the wider world and that they are oblivious to the pressures adults feel. However, we know your children are inquisitive learners and have a genuine interest in the world and their place in it. Young people are tuned in to changes in the behaviours of adults around them and will pick up on your anxieties however much you try to shield them. You may find it is helpful to talk to your children about the effect the Corona virus is having on the world as they may have questions they need to ask you in order to help them make sense of what is happening. You may find the poem you can access from the following link is a good starting point and will help you keep the conversation at an appropriate, child-friendly level.

Young Minds website and The Mental Health Foundation website both offer some helpful advice to children and parents in how to learn to cope with the current situation and the loneliness and anxiety it can cause.

We have put together this Wellbeing Pack to enable you and your children to work through together should you wish.

Stay active!

Don't forget how important physical activity is to our positive mental health. Our pupils are used to having two hours of PE each week, physically active play times and many take advantage or our before and after school sports clubs. They are always on the go! Whilst it may not be possible to get out for a walk or a run in the park everyday, even in the smallest spaces you could try a daily workout online with Joe Wicks on YouTube hereIf you do manage to get out an about you can play catch with a ball or frisbee with you children and still all practice social distancing. Most children enjoy a nature walk or time outside on their scooters or bikes and all of these things have a huge positive effect on our wellbeing.