GSO Test

  • School gates open at 8.30am. Registration is 8.50am.
  • *NEW*  Second Open Morning date - 29th November from 10.00 to 11.30am.
  •  Open Evening on 28th November from 6.30 to 7.30pm.   

Dig-a-Hole Day

Takes place on: 09/11/2019

 We are very fortunate to have had some trees donated by The Woodland Trust to plant on our school grounds. This is fantastic news as it means we can begin to establish our own ’forest’ at our Forest School site. We also have saplings to create a hedgerow in front of a stretch of fence on the back field. Our trees are due to arrive by the end of November and the children will be involved in the planting of them during school hours which is very exciting.

 In order for this to happen we need some willing people with spades to help dig holes ready for the trees to go in! We have 30 trees going in up at Forest School and 105 saplings being planted to create the hedgerow; so lots of holes to dig!

If you are willing and able, we would love you to help us prepare the ground. We will be holding a ‘dig a hole’ day on Saturday 9th November from 9-12.30pm for you to dig as many holes as you are able to! Tea, coffee and cake will be provided but please bring a spade!

 If you think that this is something you are able to help with, please email Mrs Kolter at Thank you very much.

 Kind Regards

 Annabel Kolter

Senior Leader for School Improvement