The School Day

As the morning session is long, please ensure your child has a substantial breakfast.

Children are encouraged to have a bottle of water on their desk, preferably with a ”sports” top, so please ensure they bring one to school each day.

School gates open at  8.30am
  •  Children go directly to the rear playground
  • Children meet with friends; lunch boxes placed on year group lunch trolleys; bell rings and children are collected by class teachers.
Registration 8.50am - 9am

Morning Break  (Fruit /healthy snacks only. No nuts.)

10.45 - 11am
Lunch Break 12.25 - 1.25pm
End of the school day
Children to be collected from the front playground once dismissed from class.
Please be aware, your children may not reach the front playground until 3:40 pm after they have collected their belongings (and dawdled chatting with friends!).