School Rules

School rules are the standards of behaviour the school expects of its pupils. They tell pupils and parents what the school considers important. They set out the basic philosophy of the school and the values it promotes.

The school rules aim to promote a supportive environment at the school, promote an effective teaching and learning environment, foster mutual respect between staff and pupils, and encourage pupils to take responsibility for their own behaviour and the consequences of their actions. From a pupil’s point of view, rules should be clear and consistent.

Through consultation with the children we have decided to change the format of the school rules, previously known as the ‘Holland Code’, in order to simplify them, make them memorable and also much more visual!

The new school rules are now referred to as the ‘Super-hero’ code. The idea is based on the principle of ‘give me 5’ (the five important rules to remember) visually presented in the form of a hand. Each digit on the hand is numbered and represents a specific school rule- making it easier for the children to remember.