School Meals

 Choice of hot meal each day 


Hot, freshly prepared, seasonal and fun school dinners are served each day by our cook, Mrs Chaibia Zorgui and her team.

The meals are very popular with both a meat and a vegetarian option available each day.   At just £2.30 per day they offer excellent value for money and parents can be assured that their child is receiving a nutritious meal at lunch time.

The catering team work under the umbrella of Surrey Commercial Services and you can find a link to the Summer Term Menus and a guide about school meals below.
School Menu 
                                     Guide to School Meals

If your child would like to have school dinners, please inform the school office, giving one week’s notice if possible and ensure funds are provided ASAP. Please note that dinners should be paid for in advance not in arrears. Payment should be made by cheque payable to SURREY COUNTY COUNCIL. You can pay for school meals using your ParentMailPMX account once we are aware you wish to pay this way: please ask in office for details.