Policies & Documentation

In this section you will find some details about the operational running of the school. 

What is the overarching school ethos? Our vision and mission statements will give you a feel for what underpins all that we do.

How do we ensure everyone knows how to address day to day issues in the school? – Read through some of our range of school policies with which all staff are familiar.  If you have a particular query and do not see the answer in one of these policies, please ask.

How do governors sort out the finance and how is the money spent? – General finance information and accounting for specific school funding is available in this section.

How do we know what our stakeholders’ views are on our school? – Each year we conduct parent surveys and throughout the year we gather information from our pupils through the completion of pupil questionnaires.  Results of this feedback can be seen in this section

Food Policy 2017
acked Lunch Policy 2017