Our Achievements

At Holland Junior we value the progress and attainment of each and every individual.  We aim for every child to achieve their maximum potential both academically and socially by fostering an environment which promotes confidence, resilience and independent learning.

On an individual level, we reward academic and social achievement through our House System.  Children earn Super-Hero points towards their own total and their house's totals and more details of this system can be seen on our Learning Super-heroes page.

Ofsted inspection reports give information on all aspects of school life and assess the effectiveness of the school as a whole.

Academic achievement is assessed, measured and reported upon in a formal way - see the data dashboard for school performance analysis at the end of Key Stage 2.
As a school, we are keen to ensure that our internal practices are up to date, inclusive and effective.  Being assessed for external awards is one way of ensuring continual development and our School Awards page give details of each of our current awards.


  1. Ofsted Report June 2018