Homework Vision

Class teachers, in partnership with parents, will establish the conditions where children are self-motivated and engage freely in activities and projects that are exciting and inspiring, enabling them increasingly to broaden, deepen and share their learning confidently.

Activities will enable children to broaden their horizons and refine their own knowledge, skills and concepts linked to the programmes of study they experience in school.

Class teachers will ensure children have the freedom, skills and access to appropriate resources to undertake confidently and, if they wish to, expand on the learning activities set.

Parents will understand and feel confident to support their children using their own knowledge and based on the good support and communication they receive from school. 

Homework in Practice

At Holland Junior School homework is categorised in two ways:

  1. Basic Skills Development – reading, spelling and mental arithmetic
  2. Topic Development – application of English and maths within the context of the curriculum topics e.g. Demonstrate your knowledge of the Victorian class system by writing a diary entry or a newspaper article about a particular class of Victorian or demonstrate your knowledge of charts and tables by presenting information to the class connected to our healthy living topic i.e. find out how different members of your family and friends exercise.

DFE Guidance on Homework Timings

Year Group

Learning Foci

Guide Time

Year 3 and 4

Literacy numeracy (reading, spellings, other literacy work and number work) and occasional assignments in other subjects

1.5 hours per week

Year 5 and 6

Regular weekly schedule with continued emphasis on literacy and numeracy but also ranging widely over the curriculum.

30 minutes per day/ 2.5 hours per week