Department for Education 'Mastery' Judgement

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Mastery in the new national curriculum


Throughout the year, your child's progress is assessed and reported to you in a variety of ways.

Teacher Assessments

We send comprehensive assessment reports home for reading, writing and maths in January and July. The reports specifically identify what your child is capable of within specific aspects of reading, writing and maths and, importantly, what ‘next steps’ they need to take in order to improve.

Attainment and Progress Report

The attainment and progress report communicates your child’s test results in the optional and statutory SATs tests – Reading, Writing and Maths. In addition to the test result, parents are also provided with information about their child’s progress since Infant school; their attainment compared to national expectations; their targets for the next year and a projection for performance by the end of Year based on current progress.

Foundation Subject Report

The foundation report communicates information about your child’s subject attainment compared to age group expectations, motivation towards subject and learning and social skill development.  It indicates curriculum coverage within each of the foundation subjects and highlights aspects that your child should be proud of from this academic year .

Further details on each of these can be found in the School Brochure in the "Our School" tab of the website.

Key Stage 2 Test Results

Percentage of pupils attaining or surpassing each level at Key Stage 2 in 2017. There were 57 children in the cohort.




% of pupils achieving the expected standard in Reading, Writing and Maths 60% 61%
% of pupils achieving a high level of attainment Reading, Writing and Maths 9% 9%
% of pupils achieving the expected standard in Reading 74% 71%
% of pupils achieving the expected standard in Writing 70% 76%
% of pupils achieving the expected standard in Maths 74% 75%
Average scaled score in Reading 105 104
Average scaled score in Maths 103 104
Average scaled score in SPAG 104 106
% of pupils achieving the expected standard in Writing (Teacher assessment) 70% 76%