Dear Parents,

As you may be aware, every year the Department for Education publishes the Primary School Performance Tables. For our school, last year’s results were an extraordinary year for the school and we are striving to ensure they are never repeated. We remain very proud of last year’s Year 6 pupils for sitting their SATs amidst a year of turmoil within the school. Many of these pupils achieved their predicted results. We also had a large group of pupils who were dealing with some very complex issues. There were many areas to address – poor attendance and a high level of persistent absenteeism and special educational needs of a behavioural, social and emotional nature being a few. This particular cohort were being tracked and performance from their starting points was below expectations. We had hoped that additional support over the final year may, for some, have redressed the situation but this was not to be. Perhaps the most reassuring thing I can tell you with confidence is that this year’s Year 6 are on track to considerably improve upon last year’s results and that our results in 2017 were more broadly in line with national outcomes. That is where we aim to be again this summer.

When I took up the Acting Headship in April this year there was a great deal of work to be done to ensure that our outcomes improve and I am very pleased that all my school improvement plans were endorsed by our “good” Ofsted inspection in June for this year. The Ofsted inspector arrived at this decision having reviewed all of our internal data, assessing pupil’s work and having spent considerable time interviewing staff, our pupils and me. A “good” judgement endorses our capacity to improve. Since the inspection my plans have been rolled out and include new schemes to improve our teaching and learning in Maths, Writing and Spelling. The staff here at Holland are working incredibly hard to bring these plans to fruition. We are also working closely with South East Surrey Teaching Schools (SESTA) as a school improvement partner, which I have hugely welcomed. We are also working with “Achievement for All” to improve our parental communication and outcomes for some of our more vulnerable pupils.

Our pupils are happy, friendly, eager to learn, proud of their school, well-behaved, confident, eager to take on a challenge and hugely resilient – SATs measure none of these important attributes. If they did then we would like to think we would be amongst the “best” schools.

If you would like to come and visit our school we would be delighted to show you our fantastic facilities, let you talk with our teachers and pupils and show you what a great learning community we are.

Yours sincerely,

Miss Gill Robertson
Acting Headteacher

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